Matt Wilson Photography

Matt very kindly has allowed me to use some of his photos in a selection to hopefully inspire listeners to strive for better imagery!

Assistant winemakers at Polkura winery
Surfer standing on a rock waiting for the right wave in Punta de Lobos Chile
Picker harvesting carmeneré grapes at Clos Apaltas vineyards
A couple celebrating whilst drinking champagne with champagne being sprayed over them
Curly Haslam-Coates
Francois Lurton
Horse and farmer between carignan vines
Lalique 100 point glasses
Malbec fight!
Michel Rolland and Charles Bournier Lapostelle
Otelia and Nivaldo Morales
Ex-winemaker and photographer Gilbert Bages
Steffan Jorgensen
Wayve Kolevsohn in Cape Town

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