TBVT Course Day

I will be running a short theory day course on 16 July for those who would like to be part of it. It will be both in-person and via Zoom, and I will be recording the sessions so anyone who can’t make it can have a copy sent to them. I’m also happy to re-run a portion of it at a different time if there is sufficient need/interest.

TL;DR: if you want to sign up, do so here https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/HTB8MRN


Cost: a donation of your choice to TBVT. If you genuinely cannot afford to give anything then you are welcome to take part for free, but if you can afford it, then a donation of what you think it is worth would be lovely. Maybe £50 for the day? or £15 if you only wanted to join one of the sessions? You are welcome to join in and then see what you think it was worth afterwards, if you prefer?

Location: Zoom and London Bridge (probably, depending on numbers)

Time: As people have expressed interest from all sorts of time zones, I will be starting the first session at 10.30 BST, which is very early for America and very late for Asia.

Rough programme will look like:

10.30-11.30 P1
11.45-12.45 P2
13.45-14.45 P3
15.00-16.00 P4+P5 (for reasons that will become clear it makes sense to put these two together)

These timings are flexible so let me know if you would prefer them to be different, and as I mentioned above, you can drop in and out as you wish, plus I will be recording them should you not be able to make a certain time then I can simply forward the recording.

Course contents

I am not a tutor, nor am I particularly an expert in any specific area (other than perhaps bits of P4) but I do have a very good set of notes, and thanks to the podcast I have a good bank of examples. I passed Theory on my first attempt last year and think I have a good idea of how to prepare for the S2 exam (this will also be of value to S1 students, so please do not be put off).

The point of these sessions will be to explain how I think it is helpful to organise your notes and revision in a way that will arm you with ready-made exam structures before you even enter the hall, as well as being a good checklist for any gaps in knowledge or example base. Plus, it will allow you to swap good examples and insight with each other. I will be running through a selection of short, simple exercises that should help highlight what I think are good ways to prepare in the final days before your exams, as well as covering the major themes of the syllabus with how I would approach essay structures and why.

This is the first time I have ever run anything like this, so can’t make any promises about what you will get out of it. What I can promise is that I would be comfortable to sit the theory exam again this year with the notes I’ve prepared and still think I would be in with a good chance of passing. I will tell you how and why I think that is the case, plus what I think you should be doing to be in the same position.

I will provide you with full notes from the course, along with relevant links to videos, interviews etc that I found useful, and am happy to share any examples I have that may help you. I’m also more than happy to share practice essays or other bits I’ve done along the way, should you find them helpful.

If you would like to attend, please fill in this very short form: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/HTB8MRN

If there’s anything specific you need help, support or information on then please let me know. I doubt I will be able to give it to you myself, but I reckon I will know someone who can.

As always, please do contact me for anything, even just a chat.

Thanks for listening.

All the best,


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